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AquaGroove Vinyl Wave Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

AquaGroove Vinyl Wave Bluetooth Speaker 2.0

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With the AquaGroove Vinyl Wave Bluetooth Speaker, you don't just listen to music—you experience it. Embrace the past while enjoying the future of sound with a speaker that's as beautiful as it is functional. Perfect for music lovers and interior design enthusiasts alike, the AquaGroove is the ultimate addition to your home audio collection.

  • Relaxing Ambiance
  • Aesthetic Appeal
  • Nature Sounds
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Immerse in Waves of Music and Light

Crafted for those who cherish the nostalgic warmth of vinyl records and the contemporary convenience of Bluetooth technology, this speaker also features mesmerizing wave lighting ambiance, making it a true masterpiece.

Let's Experience music

.... together!

Superior Sound Quality

Seamless Bluetooth Connectivity

Built-in FM Radio

USB and SD Card Slots

Auxiliary Input

Compact and Portable Design

Relaxing Ambiance

The wave lighting and nature sounds create a calming environment, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

Ocean-Inspired Design

Inspired by the timeless allure of the ocean, the AquaGroove's sleek and stylish design complements any décor.

Versatile Listening Options

Whether you love the nostalgia of vinyl or the convenience of Bluetooth, the AquaGroove™️ offers the best of both worlds.

"This player is high quality, sounds fantastic, and it's super cute!"

-Emily L., CA

Nature Sounds

Immerse yourself in relaxation with four soothing nature sounds: fire, waves, bird songs, and stream.

  • Vintage Vinyl Player

  • Wave Lighting Ambiance

  • Aesthetic Appeal

  • High-Quality Audio

  • 4 Nature Sounds

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